Adult Self Report (ASR)

The ASR is a 126-item self-report questionnaire for adults (ages 18–59) assessing aspects of adaptive functioning and problems. The questionnaire provides scores for the following syndrome scales: anxious/depressed, withdrawn, somatic complaints, thought problems, attention problems, aggressive behavior, rule-breaking behavior, and intrusive behavior. The questionnaire provides scores for the following DSM-oriented scales: depressive problems, anxiety problems, somatic problems, avoidant personality problems, attention deficit/ hyperactivity problems (inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity subscales), and antisocial personality problems. Additionally, the questionnaire asks about use of the following substances: tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Items are rated on a 3-point scale: 0-Not True, 1-Somewhat or Sometimes True, 2-Very True or Often True.

Domains Assessed: Aggression and Oppositionality, Anxiety, Attention Problems and Hyperactivity, Depression and Mood, Personality Traits, Psychotic and Atypical Behavior, Risk Taking and Impulsive Behavior, Somatic Complaints, Substance Use (item-level)

Note: The ASR is given to adult participants ages 18-59 years old.

References: Achenbach, T. M., & Rescorla, L. A. (2003). Manual for the ASEBA adult forms & profiles. Research Center for Children, Youth, & Families, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA.

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